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KK SLY hi-res cover

Episode 12: Sounds Like You the Kirby Krackle Interview

Episode 12 is Rockin! It’s chock full of awesome sauce. We sit down and talk with Kyle Stevens the front man for the nerd rock band Kirby Krackle! We play some of their old music, and sample a bunch of the new album (Sounds like you). If you know the group this will make you love em more, and if you don’t know them this is a perfect starting point!

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Episode 5: You’re gonna burn in Hell?

In this episode we listen to all kinds of music. Hope graduates high school. We have listener submissions and voicemails from Jon Lory of Three the Hard Way, and Mike Bennett of Popular Outcasts fame! More music then you can shake a rump at! Jump on this musical roller coaster with fun jams from Childish Gambino, The Uncluded, SBTRKT, Band of Horses, FloBots, Colin Hay, and a very special song for a very special e-mail. We hope you enjoy the show!


Episode 4: Love, Moms, and MUSIC!

In this episode we take a look at the music that makes our mothers happy. There’s a bit of a range from Madonna, Pink, Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Bon Cool J. Our show pic is of Frente, and Lupe fiasco. Listener submissions: Tally Hall, and Tom Waits. More music than you know what to do with!


Episode 3: Super Interactive Skateboarding?

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us here on episode #3. We have our first Voice mail. We have a point counter point discussion (Music Theories) on songs by The Misfits, Macklemore, and Lupe Fiasco. We then listen and discuss music suggestions by listeners… in the form of Steam Powered Giraffe, and Chiddy Bang. All this and we have our very first Interview with Hip Hop artist Gavin. @_Gavin_

Episode 2: Fourth Place means Fourth Loser!

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us here on episode #2.  In this episode we touch on some music news, have a point counter point discussion( Music Theories) on  songs by Tyler the Creator, and a Canadian songster by the name of Chad Hatcher. Then Mike has to break it down… and explain a song to Hope by showing her the video. This episode really shows what love is… then and now!


Episode 1: Episode one and a B-side

Welcome to the first ever episode of Sound of Life Podcast!

Come along for the ride with Mike and Hope as they embark on the journey thru sound. In this episode we touch on some music news, have a point counter point discussion( Music Theories) on  songs by Childish Gambino feat. Bun B, and Macklemore. All of this fun is followed up by the B-side! A discussion of music with a twelve year old girl…Mike’s daughter Dreia. They talk about the music movie Pitch Perfect, the “cups song” and another version brought to you by P.O.S.