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Episode 9: Happy Fathers Day/ It’s Music Daddy-O!

Well we are back again showing the love for family!  Just like the episode we did featuring music for and about Moms, We now feature the music for Dads!  We touch on the good ones, the bad ones, and the absent ones.  Not just ours but your fathers as well!  Thanks to Josh, and Jennifer for the E-mails on this subject.  All this with music from Macklemore, Lilly Allen, Tyler the Creator, Atmosphere, Austin Powers, They might be giants, Harry Chapin, and a yo daddy rap to boot. Thanks again for listening, we hope you enjoy it! Please take a minute to give feedback or pass us along to your friends and families at any of the following ways…

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Episode 2: Fourth Place means Fourth Loser!

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us here on episode #2.  In this episode we touch on some music news, have a point counter point discussion( Music Theories) on  songs by Tyler the Creator, and a Canadian songster by the name of Chad Hatcher. Then Mike has to break it down… and explain a song to Hope by showing her the video. This episode really shows what love is… then and now!