Episode 16: Back to School!

Welcome everybody to Episode 16: Back to School!  Today we have OldschoolM1ke, Dreia, and filling in as Hope’s proxy is LilBrotherCaden. Due to Hope’s vow of silence recording a podcast is just plain hard!  Caden does his best to give her a “voice” for todays episode.  Lots of fun music by the Aquabats, mc chris, The Strokes, Bruno Mars, and Paramore!  As always if you want to drop a line please do so in any of the following ways:

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One thought on “Episode 16: Back to School!

  1. me

    very awesome, really liked Haley Williams “still into you” It started off a bit strong for me but then again, I am more into the larwence welk era. Also really enjoyed the Bruno Marks “treasure. However, the thing I really liked was the fact that Hope stayed quiet for that long, how the heck did that happen??? Well, anyway it was a great podcast. Now I am going to kick back and listen to my eight tracks. ……………..Cardinal Puff

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